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Help create and promote exciting events to engage RMU alumni and students who enjoy changing lives.

Igniting in 2015

Recent RMU grads Brianne McLaughlin (Two-time Olympic Silver Medalist for Women's Hockey) and Lee Folk (DNP Doctoral Candidate and "Change A Life" Hero) want you to help them revolutionize the way Robert Morris University connects young alumni with current students so they can continue to change lives here at RMU and their extended communities.

ColonialsCARE brings young alumni together to create, promote and participate in exciting events designed to CONNECT alumni with current students, ACTIVATE them to serve an important cause, REVOLUTIONIZE the way alumni interact with their alma mater and ENRICH the RMU community and the lives it can impact.

Join the Revolution! 

TELL US which of these events would be most likely to bring you back to campus:

 The Midnight Ride -- Cycle the length of Paul Revere's historic ride over the hills and valleys of RMU's springtime campus. 

 Colonial Battle of the Bands -- Kick off the back-to-school season with an all new, alumni powered Saturday-night concert.

 Roast for RoMo -- Celebrate RMU traditions at a giant, winter bonfire. You toast the marshmallows; We'll roast the pig.

 I like ALL of them.

JOIN US as we plan our first year of exciting events for young alums and students.


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