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Changing Lives

The Impact

Sometimes it’s on a professional level, other times it can reach someone personally. We sometimes forget the impact we have on another’s life.


Can a student change her counselor’s life?

"Shannan reminds me that when all of her schooling is over, there will be something more powerful that exists between us – a personal relationship." Continue reading >>


These boys are my heroes.

"Early afternoon on a school day at the Mooncrest After School Center, it's as quiet as - well, a sleeping child. Continue reading >>



Dr. Ross talks about the work Robert Morris University students are doing in Nicaragua. See more >>



Dr. Ross shares inspiring stories from Robert Morris University students' engaged learning experiences. See more >>


Lee and Kristen

Dr. Ross discusses the impact made by RMU students Lee Folk and Kristen Graziano. See more >>


RMU Pride

Dr. Ross discusses RMU pride. See more >>


It makes sense. It makes lives.

Stroll the busy streets just a few blocks from our nation's Capital, and you just might knock elbows with some of the people responsible for most of the news we see every evening. Continue reading >>


A Man with a Mission. A man with a Horn.

Walk through a barrio in Managua, Nicaragua, and it awakens all your senses. The heat of the day descends like a fiery cloud every day at mid-morning and hovers over you with its hot breath. Continue reading >>