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When you believe in something strongly, you can't help but want to be a part of it in some way. The members of the President's Council feel this way about Robert Morris University, and they set a valuable example for others to share in this vision.

The President's Council consists of members of the RMU family who have made a gift of $1,000 or more to the university during the previous fiscal year. Gifts are directed to virtually every area within the university—academic programs, educational resources, faculty development, capital projects, student research grants, scholarship support, and endowment growth. For just a little over $83 dollars a month, President's Council members know that they are part of something that changes the lives of our students and has a ripple effect on the region as a whole.

President's Council Reception 2016 Photo Gallery

Benefits of Membership

As a member of RMU's President's Council, in addition to providing a quality education to our students, you're also part of an exclusive club with many worthwhile benefits. Each December, the annual President’s Council Dinner honors that year's contributors, as well as students and alumni who have shown exemplary service to the university. This year we had the special privilege of hearing from both President-Elect Christopher B. Howard and Interim President and Provost David L. Jamison.


During the dinner, RMU's Heritage Award is presented to an alum for distinguished service and accomplishment in any field of human endeavor that brings honor to the recipient and the university.The Rising Star Award is presented to a graduating senior who demonstrates academic success, individuality, determination, passion, and potential in his or her field of study.

RMU PC Dinner

Other benefits include:

  • CEO Lecture Series
  • International and national trips
  • President's Insider newsletter
  • Listing in the RMU Honor Roll of Donors
  • RMU/Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Summer Jazz series

Annual giving has the greatest impact on our students and our campus. When you choose to give annually at the President's Council level, you’re making an investment in the future prosperity and growth of our region, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the community at large.

    You're changing someone’s life is by giving them the gift of opportunity.

    For information on how you can join the President's Council, please contact Jennifer C. Young, director of Annual Giving, at or (412) 397-5452 or give now online.

    Ways You Can Support RMU

    President's Council Fiscal Year 2013-14

    President's Council Fiscal Year 2014-15

    President's Council Fiscal Year 2015-16

    President's Council Fiscal Year 2016-17 (as of July 14, 2016):  If your name is missing from this list, please let us know so we can correct the error immediately. Contact Jennifer C. Young, director of Annual Giving, at or (412) 397-5452.  Please note that RMU's fiscal year is June 1 to May 31.

    Leonard A. Asimow
    John & Mary Banaszak
    Janice G. Barone M'84
    William R. Beaver
    Wendy & Wayne Beckemeyer
    Chuck & Jill Brodbeck
    Christine & Todd Bryant
    Ryan Bunni '16
    Terri A. Capaldi '85
    Renee T. Cavalovitch '01
    Craig S. Coleman
    Judith & William Coll
    Beth Corbelli Ryan
    Deborah M'86 & Paul Cunningham
    Nadine C. & Edward Englert
    Dr. Frank R. Flanegin
    Ken Gargaro
    Ronita & Craig Giles
    Roger & Emilie Gillan
    Kimberley & Theodore Hammer
    Philip J. Harold
    Robb Harris
    Ruth L. Haynam '15
    Maureen Hester
    Drew A. '93 & Stacy L. Hurt
    Robert A. Incorvati '71
    David L. & Sue A. Jamison
    Ersem Karadag
    Judith A. Kaufmann
    Frederick & Christine Kohun
    Beatrice & Scott Kunka
    Kenneth Lapinski '80
    AnnMarie M. LeBlanc
    David R. Majka & Constance L. Eads
    L. Thomas M'80 & Judith Breedlove M'87 Marchlen
    Samuel J. Mastovich '95 M'98


    (*) Deceased

    Melissa M'01 & Michael Micco
    John & Julianne M'02 Michalenko
    Dean & Andrea Mosites
    Paul & Peggy Outon
    Frank & Janine Pantely
    Diane Leonard Pearson '85
    Jonathan M'11 & Maggi Potts
    Kevin P. Prykull '82
    Sheldon Reynolds '14
    Anthony G. Robins
    Gerald E. Rogers '81
    Perry F. & Teri Roofner
    Dr. Daniel R. & Mrs. Pamela A. '83 Rota
    Timothy Schlak
    Gregory Krivacek & Carol Scicutella
    George W. & Beverly '87 Semich
    Constance P. Serapiglia '99 M'01 D'05
    Marcia K. '77 & Mark M. Sherwin
    Richard P. Simmons
    Rande '73 & Georgia Somma
    Linda Staffilino
    Ronald G. & Stephanie L. Stovash
    Adam P. '03 M'05 & Courtney A. '04 M'08 Sullivan
    Louis & Marcia Swartz
    Janene L. Szpak M'11 D'11
    Thomas Szymcak
    Darcy B. Tannehill
    Susan N. Van Cleve D'09
    Marion & Alexander Vasilakis
    Dale H. '81 & Elaine A. '96 Venables
    Michael Vento
    Ellen G. & Thomas Wieckowski
    Cynthia A. Miller Williams '96
    David & Barbara Wood
    Jennifer & David Young