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rise1Simulation involves re-creating the reality of the healthcare setting using computerized mannequins, task trainers or trained actors to play the role of the patient, and allows for controlled and standardized conditions for education, research and training purposes. This interactive learning strategy is a revolutionary approach for educating healthcare providers across all levels, in both academic and service settings.

rise3The Leadership in Simulation Management certificate program (online) prepares health science educators to plan and implement evidence-based simulation instruction and to manage simulation teaching/learning systems.   

The purpose of this online, graduate-level certificate program is to offer health sciences educators the opportunity to gain current knowledge and experience in techniques related to simulation facilitation, instruction, and leadership. Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective simulation facilitation/instructional strategies
  • Integrate standards for best practice within your simulation program
  • Incorporate simulation measurement and evaluation strategies to enhance program outcomes
  • Determine priorities for funding of simulation research projects
  • Identify leadership strategies to enhance success of a simulation program
  • Utilize innovative trends such as TeamSTEPPS ® teamwork training in designing experiences
  • Explore technologies appropriate for use in a simulation laboratory


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Admission Criteria

  • Earned Baccalaureate Degree in a Health Sciences Discipline with QPA 3.0 or above (exceptions will be considered)
  • Transcripts Required
  • 250-word essay describing program interest and associated goals
 Contact Suzan Kardong-Edgren, PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE, for more details: kardongedgren@rmu.edu  or 412-397-3534.


The Leadership in Simulation Instruction and Management certificate curriculum is designed for the working adult professional and includes the following 8-week-online courses: 

Leadership in Simulation Facilitation and Instruction (3 credits) – this course explores the most current evidence surrounding simulation education, models for scenario design, standards for best practice, and elements related to debriefing, evaluation, and research.  Participants will engage in reading assignments, audio visual presentations, interactive learning components, and interactive educational leadership activities. 
Organizational Leadership and Management Concepts in Simulation (3 credits) – this course incorporates information related to strategic planning, budgeting, creating a mission/vision, organizational change theory, emotional intelligence, generating buy-in from colleagues and administrators, research funding priorities, and effective management techniques. Participants will engage in reading assignments, interactive learning components and concepts related to leading and managing a successful simulation program, either in the academic or practice setting.
Innovative Trends in Health Care for Simulation (3 credits) – After completing the two prerequisite courses (Leadership in Simulation Facilitation and Instruction and Organizational Leadership and Management Concepts in Simulation), students will explore innovative trends in health care and examine concepts from  the IOM report, QSEN Competencies, TeamSTEPPS ® team training concepts and licensure regulations.  Participants will complete a final project that will incorporate content from all three courses.  


The online certificate program can be completed in less than 27 weeks and meets the needs of working adults by providing asynchronous learning activities that can accommodate all types of schedules. Students are admitted twice a year.

RMU understands that it's difficult to find time in your busy schedule. That's why the Leadership in Simulation Management certification program is offered in a fully online format for your convenience.

Simulation offers the ability to practice skills in the safe environment of a simulation lab while minimizing the risk to patients, and includes the use of computerized patient mannequins, task trainers, virtual reality, and standardized patients.  Educators must develop an understanding of this challenging technique in order to meet the needs of our future students and healthcare providers. Completion of this certificate program gives educators in academic and service settings the knowledge and skills to implement simulation technology for learning and assessment.  Earn graduate credit while you learn how to implement this specialized skill and manage your simulation lab. Graduates will be prepared to utilize simulation to meet the future needs of healthcare providers, with the ultimate goal of providing safe quality patient care.

Dr. Edgren utilizes her knowledge and experiences as an experienced researcher, consultant, and VP for Research of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) and as director of the RMU Regional Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center to design the learning experiences for the simulation certificate program.  Each course incorporates 'Ask the Expert' Sessions which bring leading authorities in the science of simulation to the online classroom to answer students' questions regarding leadership in simulation instruction and management of a simulation lab.