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Category Description

This category includes experiences in which students explore the human potential for creativity in the arts, music, dance, drama or creative writing. As they give concrete expression to ideas, the arts represent an ideal marriage of theory and practice, while developing an aesthetic understanding of the world around us. The activities that satisfy this category may be creative in concept, expression or participation. The activities may be visual art, electronic and digital media, poetry, musical compositions, performance art, or the presentation of original creative writing; the interpretation of artistic forms, as when the artist performs or executes and idea originally developed by someone else, for instance directing a play, performing a dance or musical piece, or interpreting literature orally; and participation in exhibitions and other arts presentations as critical viewers, as when student scholars attend and reflect, critique, or interpret cultural events. 

Examples and Criteria

Activities in this category must occur under the direction of a faculty member. Students can satisfy the requirement for this category in one of two ways:

1.  Public performance/Publication/Participation, such as:

  • Acceptance and/or presentation of student creative work in a cultural event including, but not limited to: art exhibitions, design competitions, media and film festivals, poetry readings, conferences, OR
  • Acceptance and/or publication of a piece of student creative work by one of the following mediums: journal, compilation, newspaper, or campus publication, OR
  • Participation in a theater, art, musical, literary or other cultural event including, but not limited to: acting, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, set designing, or arts fundraising, OR
  • Receiving special recognition or an award for student creative work.


2.  Completion of an Arts Appreciation Portfolio, which requires that students attend at least five (5) cultural events and write corresponding one-page reflections.  Cultural events can include, but are not limited to:

  • Art openings, OR
  • Lectures, OR
  • Film festivals, OR
  • Musical, dramatic and literary performances, OR
  • Cultural /creative conferences. 

Getting SET Category Approval

To receive SET approval for a Category 1 activity, students must complete the SET Activity Approval Form and submit it to their faculty sponsor. Any current faculty member may serve as a faculty sponsor. Approval of activities in Category 1 lies at the discretion of the faculty sponsor. Some faculty sponsors may require students to get pre-approvals prior the completion of activities. Students should check with their faculty sponsor to see if pre-approval is required. Once the activity has been completed and approved, faculty sponsors must sign the SET Activity Approval Form and submit it to Dr. Shari Payne, Dean of Engaged Learning.

The category will be considered satisfied when students have completed either the Public Performance/Publication/Participation option OR the Arts Appreciation Portofolio option.  Students may submit SET Activity Approval Form toward the completion of an Arts Appreciation Portfolio as the activities are completed, but they will see the Arts Appreciation Portfolio activities listed on on their SET only after a minimum of five activity approval forms are received.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Payne at (412) 397-6235 or