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Warner Johnson
Director, Alumni Relations

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Mary Gerard
Asst. Director, Alumni Relations

Awarded at Homecoming for exceptional accomplishments in a chosen profession, or distinguished leadership that brings honor to the recipient and the university. A separate award is given for Young Achievement, for alumni under 35. 

Send us an email if you want to recommend an RMU alumna or alumnus for this annual award.

Jeff Bergman '77 L. Thomas Marchlen '80
Ellen Langas Campbell '79 Morgan K. O'Brien '82 & '85
Robert M. Connolly '77 Russell I. Olsen '82
Joseph Costanzo '71 James David Paras '80
Victor S. Gregovits '86 Ann Cibulas Puskaric '81
Ola Jackson '87 Robert G. Radermacher '80
John Labos '72 Nanette M. Rusnak '81
David J. Lancia '79 & '86 Michael J. Smith '77
Brenda J. Lauderback '72 Catherine D. Trexler '01