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Hometown: Villanova, Pa.
Degree: Master of Science in Taxation
Current position
: Managing Director and Senior Vice President, BNY Mellon.

How long have you been with BNY Mellon?
I started within the organization with the legacy Mellon Bank in 1991.

What does your average day entail?
Due to the many operational areas that I guide on a daily basis, along with the projects that I am the business sponsor for, most of my day is spent resolving project requirements, clients requests, or working on workflow enhancements along with human resource alignments. There are many meetings throughout the week, and influence skills are a requirement in order to gain resolution to many of the daily workplace demands.

What's the most challenging part of your job?
Managing multiple and competing business lines, client demands, and organizing a team of 1,000 professionals located across eight geographical sites.

What's your favorite part?
Managing a very large global operation in this extremely dynamic and intense tax regulatory environment means that everyday has a different challenge and problem to solve.

Why did you choose RMU's M.S. in Taxation?
I chose the program for its strong history and reputation, the discussion with peers in the industry, the knowledge obtainment that was required for my current professional role, and finally, the convenience of the Saturday classes.

What did you think of the program?
I really enjoyed it. I actually miss it some days. It provided me with just the right balance between tax law and technical knowledge and enabled me to continue my professional growth. As in anything that one chooses to do, the amount of effort that is extended or contributed is a direct result on the knowledge obtained.

How has it helped you in your current position?
I am responsible for global tax and form reporting worldwide. I am also the business sponsor for the implementation of the Cost Basis Reporting Phase 3, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), French Financial Transaction Tax (FFTT), Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT), and European Union Financial Transaction Tax (EUFTT) for the investment services client base. So the education that I gained through the taxation master's program has given me the tools I need to guide my team through these very complex global tax reporting regimes.

When you're not working, do you have any hobbies?
I love to swim, cycle on new trails, bake, and do yard work, too.

Interview by Valentine J. Brkich

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