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Students Experience, Learn, and Grow During Study Abroad Programs 

Many people dream of traveling the world for adventure. At RMU, we believe that international travel gives students the opportunity to learn in a global environment that will also aid them in their future career. 

Increased Awareness of Global Environment
The opportunity to travel, learn, and develop a global perspective is more than resume filler—traveling abroad is now being used by companies to gauge potential employees’ true interest in the world around them.  Students who study abroad are immersed in a different language, culture, and worldview. They learn about different traditions and are exposed to new ideas that they may never have considered until they went abroad. 

With the kind of global engagement that is common today, many students come to college expecting that a variety of study or work abroad options will be available. They look for: 

  • Service Learning. This kind of program is often a volunteer opportunity that comes through community immersion and gives students exposure to international environments as they lend their talents to groups who may need assistance. 
  • RMU Faculty-led Programs. Programs led by experienced faculty travelers with fellow students offer academic credit in a subject related to your major and an amazing travel opportunity.   
  • Summer, Semester-long or Year-long Study Abroad. These programs are truly immersion opportunities, allowing students to take classes within their major that can applied toward credits at their home college or university. 
  • Work Abroad. Imagine an internship that’s exactly what you wanted—now imagine it within a city in a different country that you’ve always wanted to visit. Many programs also offer opportunities not only to study in another country or countries, but also gives student the chance to gain work experience in their major. There are hundreds of programs that offer students internships where they hone their skills while enjoying living in foreign country. 

If you are interested in international volunteering opportunities or work/study abroad programs, RMU’s International Program can guide you. With service learning options, faculty-led trips, work abroad internships, and long-term study programs, there is a global program available that will combine your love of travel and learning. Contact RMU’s International Program today.