Can a Student Change her Counselor's life?: Robert Morris University Can a Student Change her Counselor's life? | Robert Morris University

Changing Lives


"At Robert Morris University, I've had the privilege of working with many students who have changed my life. But the one who jumps out the most is Shannan Rogan.

I hired Shannan as a student worker in the Office of Student Civic Engagement to run our Alternative Break Program. Shannan quickly developed the program. Over the next two and a half years, she became like a family member to me.

She started coming to Bible study with the Coalition for Christian Outreach on campus and at my church. This past summer, she interned with my wife and then accompanied my wife and me on a month-long kayaking trip in Canada with a program called Leadership and Discipleship in the Wilderness.

How has she impacted my life? More than anything she reminds me that we really can change the world by our day-to-day acts of love. Shannan’s passion for people and constant desire to excel at what she does spurs me on as a professional to seek excellence in the way I work. But mostly, she reminds me that when all of her schooling is over, there will be something more powerful that exists between us – a personal relationship.”

-Randon Willard, RMU personal counselor