Farhana Hamid: Robert Morris University Farhana Hamid | Robert Morris University

Changing Lives


Q: How would you describe yourself to others in just three words?
I would describe myself as compassionate, hardworking and easygoing. 

Q: Tell us about your dream career.
My dream career is to work as a nurse practitioner in a specialty such as oncology or pediatrics. Currently I’m a full-time student in the doctoral program. I have three more years to go. 

Q: Why are you so passionate about nursing?
I’m in nursing because of the way we connect with people. Even as physician, I don’t feel there’s as strong of a connection with patients as in nursing. Nurses know more about the patients than any other healthcare provider. That’s the aspect that I love the most. Also, nursing has a more holistic approach to healthcare than what medical students learn in medical school and I really enjoy that aspect. 

Q: As a resident advisor, who has cared for many groups of freshman, do you feel you’ve positively /impacted the lives of any students?
I took care of so many freshmen both of my years as an RA. Freshmen need to be molded. The girls called me grandma, because I took care of them. They knew where to go when they needed anything. 

I’m not sure if I changed their lives. I guess you’d have to ask them that. My main goal behind being an RA was to make sure they’re able to find their way when they’re lost. I just tried to help them the way I found it was helpful when I was in their position. 

I don’t know how I positively /impacted them. “Positively /impacted” is a very strong comment. As long as I’m able to direct them on the right path, that’s all I care about. They felt comfortable to come back to me all the time. And they were always sure to thank me before they left school. 

Q: Do you personally feel you’ve changed someone else’s life?
I feel I have a long way to go before I can say I changed someone’s life. Just like everyone else, I am always trying to help others out—especially as a nurse. We always want to have a positive /impact on the health, mood and lives of our patients. 

I enjoy building personal relationships with my patients. I don’t want them to feel ignored because we take care of so many patients. Small things make a big /impact in nursing. 

Q: Who has positively /impacted your life at Robert Morris?
I was introduced to Dr. Ross in an introduction to nursing course. Dr. Ross really knows how to look through the eyes of the student and provide individual care. He makes sure we get the help we need to excel in the career. 

He’s really special. If he finds a student who is having difficulty he reaches to the students level to help them excel. In my case, because of his international experience, he was able to understand me and help me understand things I didn’t think I could. Dr. Ross is the man and one of the best nursing professors. 

Q: How did you rediscover yourself at Robert Morris?
When I was at home in Bangladesh I was very conservative and shy, due to my culture. I barely knew anyone in my neighborhood and my family was very protective. Back at home I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I wanted to get out of the golden cage. 

At Robert Morris, I was able to explore different options and rediscover that I had the ability to interact with people. Now I put myself directly in leadership roles. I found out who I am. I rediscovered myself in a whole new way.