Shannan Rogan: Robert Morris University Shannan Rogan | Robert Morris University

Changing Lives


You know who inspires me? Who really inspires me? Jesus does. I want to live my life in His footsteps, to have the type of love that He did for humanity. I know I’ll never be able to be just like Him. But I can strive to be. 

My dream career is to work for a nonprofit. I want to serve humanity. There’s a lot of help needed in this field. I have so many passions and I have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of others. So, why not? If I make a difference it will inspire others to make a difference. 

I didn’t always know what my dream career was. When I came to Robert Morris, I started out as a hospitality and tourism management major. As I went along with my studies, I realized I was more interested in general management. At RMU, it was easy for me to pick up two majors–so I chose to study both. RMU also has a certificate program that focuses on nonprofit management, so I’m doing that too. Why not learn them all? 

I’m not just studying nonprofit management, I’m living it. I have an on-campus job in the office of student civic engagement as the president of the “alternative break” program, planning service trips for RMU students. I planned one in North Carolina with Habitat for Humanity, where students spent a week building a house; one in Washington, D.C., working with homeless people; one in Atlanta doing disaster relief after severe flooding; and one in Virginia, where we spend the week fixing up a house and helping a family in need. 

By changing the lives of others, it changes my life. You know what I’ve learned by all this? I’ve learned that people pay attention to your words and actions even if you think they’re not. You can learn so much from another person just by paying attention—because it’s real. Learning this has made me be more attentive to other people and to my own words and actions. It’s made me a better person. 

Throughout alternative breaks we’ve brought together such a wide variety of RMU students—freshman, seniors, athletes, academic scholars. It was really awesome getting everyone together. Very rewarding. Just to hear how the work of my students has transformed both their individual lives and the lives of those they served is something really priceless. And to hear that my students want to continue service work and consider it a possible career choice makes my job even more worthwhile.