Principal Certification Program: Robert Morris University Principal Certification Program | Robert Morris University


The 15 credit RMU-LEAD Principal Certification Program is for educators who have at least two years of teaching experience and wish to pursue career opportunities in school administrative positions. The program can be taken as part of the 30-credit Master of Science in Instructional Leadership for those seeking to earn their MS degree or as a stand-alone PDE certification. It engages them in collaborative coursework and school-based internships, and assesses and documents the successful performance of their leadership skills.

All Principal Certification Candidates will be assigned to a mentor principal from the participating school and a university supervisor from RMU.  At the beginning of the program, the candidate will design an individualized plan with their mentor principal and university supervisor that provides a roadmap to guide the year-long internship.  The candidate will be monitored and assessed throughout the year through observation and collaboration by the mentor and RMU supervisor.

Admission requirements are as follows:

  • complete an RMU Graduate Admissions application
  • submit a professional resume
  • submit two letters of recommendation
  • provide a copy of a valid teaching certificate
  • provide documentation of at least two successful years of teaching
  • provide transcripts that document a minimum 3.25 undergraduate GPA

After an application is received, the program coordinator will contact the applicant to:

  • submit a written essay response to a selected topic on leadership
  • participate in an interview to determine membership in the cohort


During the summer seminar, candidates will complete 100% of their course requirements while attending class on-campus.  Candidates will meet the requirements for the four internship courses by completing 10% of their internship on campus, 10% of their internship on-line, and 80% of their internship in area schools.

Five courses are required of all Principal Certification candidates:

  • Principal Preparation Seminar
  • Leadership and School Improvement Internship
  • Leadership and Student Achievement Internship
  • Leadership and Special Education Internship
  • Leadership and Professional Development Internship


During the summer seminar, candidates complete 100% of their course requirements while attending class on-campus. The four internship courses are completed as follows: 10% on campus, 10% on-line, and 80% in area schools.

The Principal Certification Program, like all of RMU's programs, focuses on practical education with a professional focus, through real-world applications that allow our graduates to hit the ground running in their chosen field.
The School of Education and Social Sciences faculty is comprised of caring individuals who accept the responsibility for educating the "whole" student at RMU. Consequently, our faculty members are specialists in their areas of expertise who effectively implement sound instructional practices when teaching and just as importantly, they engage students in a variety of purposeful enrichment activities outside the classroom setting. As all faculty possess related work experience as practitioners in the field, such as principals, superintendents, teachers, researchers, authors, psychologists, counselors, etc., students learn from them first-hand what it takes to succeed.