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2018 Undergraduate Research Conference

Friday, April 20, noon-5:00pm

Yorktown Hall


12:00 PM - 12:50 PM

Future Opportunities: Investments, Social Security, and a Gen Z Workforce

Birmingham Room  

Alexander Merryman*: A World of Opportunity: An Analysis of Smart Beta Investment Strategies in the Emerging Market

Ziyu Zhang*: Individual Return of Social Security Privatization

Vincent Passerini*: Harnessing the Potential of a Generation Z Workforce

Nathanial Miller: Optimization Techniques for Financial Applications

Being Green

Liberty Room

Carrie Torre*: Advantages of Energy Star Homes: An Economic and Energy Analysis in Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Kelli Finnerty: Composting on Campus?

Dakota Lamb: Green Energy versus a Green Land

Mary Funderlich*: Tiny Houses as a Solution for People, Profit, and Planet

Art & Education

Sewickley Room  

Bethany Giombetti, Carley Swingle, and Heather Stazetski: The Mystery of the Cosmos

Jessica Boothe: First Lady Jane Pierce, Applied Research in Performance

Mara Ruzicka-Butz*: The Effects of Art-Based Adaptations on On/Off Task Behavior with a Single Participant: A Descriptive Qualitative Thesis Study

Kyle Bellhorn: What Elements of Religion can be Integrated into the Educational System?

Allison Dushack*: Correlation between Age and Long-Term Effects of Bullying


1:00 PM -1:50 PM

Engineering & Lasers

Birmingham Room  

Maria French*: Design of Testing for Laser Plastic Welding Samples in the RMU Learning Factory

Joseph Babcanec: Mathematical Model for a Risley Prism Laser Beam Steering System

Noah Schloder & Jordyn Gamble: YOUniversity: Software Design and Development

The Brain & Mental Health

Liberty Room  

Kendall Noel*: The Increasing Rate and Unreported Cases of Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Men’s Collegiate Soccer Athletes with an Emphasis on Sensors for Testing Impacts

Tyler Axelson: Pediatric Physical Therapists’ Perceptions on Training in Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder

Ashlee Groover: Perceptions of Mental Health Support among Student-Athletes with Chronic Injuries

Technology & Security

Sewickley Room 

George Dietrich*: EVE Online: Applying Linear and Integer Programming to Reduce Material Waste in the Production Process

Hannah Bartus & Margaret Bordo: Deep Packet Inspection: A Key Issue for Network Security

Alex Polka, Sawyer Clever, & Tyler Crago: Ethics of Smart Cities

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM


Birmingham Room

Andrew Miller*: The Power of the Peer: The Effect of Social Influence on Marketing Campaigns

Heidi Pearce-Smith: Wine: A General Overview

Stanley Marciniak III*: Economic Growth in the Globalization Age

Health & Biology

Liberty Room

Emma Wilson*: A Demonstration of Potential Contamination of Personal Stethoscopes and Name Badges of Baccalaureate Nursing Students

Damian Di Florio*: Assessment of Telomere Damage Sensitivity in RAD30 Knock-outs Induced by Gemcitabine in S. cerevisiae

Alina Chemini: Muscle Activation for Three Different Patient Transport Chairs on Ramps and Flat Ground

Navneeth Narayanan & Dustin Varia: An Analysis of the Effects of Psilocybin on the Serotonergic Pathway in Affected Parkinson’s Disease Drosophila melanogaster

Kasia Bak*: The Permeability and Effectiveness of Disposable Medical Gloves while Using [Tc-99m]pertechnetate

Society and Culture

Sewickley Room  

Allison Harnsberger: Understanding the Rejection and Acceptance of Non-Dominant Cultural Groups through the Vampire Metaphor in Entertainment

Aubrey Leasure*: An Examination of Safety Regulations in Response to Terrorism and Their Effect on Cabin Crews

Stephanie Kahindo: Congo: A Silent Dilemma

Poster Sessions 

Westinghouse Room

3:00 PM - 4:40 PM

1. Anthony Bowser, Maria Mastrocesare, & Jacob Vilcek: Content Analysis Study of Penn State Crisis

2. Olivia McCafferty*: Can’t Touch This; Artificial Fingertip Design Optimization for Touchscreen Interaction

3.  Megan DeArmit*: Contrasting Local and National Media Coverage of the 2017 Women’s March: Responding to Donald Trump’s Inauguration

4. Bridgette Scott*: Examining Student Understanding of Domain and Range in Multivariable Calculus with a  Visualization Tool

5. Sophia Eureka, Julia Schmid, & Greer Monahan: The #TakeAKnee Movement and Its Effects on the NFL’s Image: A Content Analysis

6.  Harley Stuebgen: Athletes Should Not Be Able To Take Performance Enhancing Drugs

7.  Stephanie Fray*: Effectiveness of a Pressure Ulcer Educational Intervention on Knowledge Reinforcement in Nursing Students

8. Daniel Walter, James Vicheck, Caleb Lunn, & Louis Fallon: Applying Design-Build Engineering through SAE Aero Design Competition

9. Zach Beneke, Tori Volk,  & Timon Strano: Variables of Online Shopping Satisfaction

10. Dean Mancini: A Different View on Tarantulas

11. Karoline Betteridge: Cultural Impact: Why Violence on Screen Does Not Cause  Real-World Violence

12. Gabrielle Sliwinski & Laura Wood: Taking Notes by Hand vs. by Computer

13.  Matthew Haney: Airfoil Design and Simulations

14.  Carol Nelson: Laser Plastic Welding

15.  Hussain Alhasan: Super Food as the Alternative to Chemo Therapy

16.  Norman Czarnecki: Sustainable vs. Non-sustainable Resource Preferences

17.  Taylor Delval, Kailey Haydon, & Brad Mankey: The Effectiveness of Marketing

18. Amber Rennie, Jaycee Gebhard, Kristen Welsh, & Abdulrahman Aljohani: Promotion Effect

19. Emily Nobers, Anthony Puglisi,  & Jesse Hyatt: Retail Marketing and the Growth of E-commerce

20. Tyler Wilson, Shayla Salamacha, & Bailey Trzeciak: Improving In-Store Customer Service

21. Kaitlyn Shipton, Abby Wellner, & Nicolette McDonough: Tesla Brand Awareness

22. Daniel Doyle*: Using Neural Networks to Price and Hedge Variable Annuity Guarantees

23. Greyson Molinaro, Mark Jackman, James Volk, & Dan Grimwood: Promotional Effectiveness

24. Samual Fredland, Matthew Kurtik, Damen McDermott, Derek Hough, & Ryan Nelson: Impact of CTE on NFL Ratings

25. Kelli Rojtas: Pattern Recognition and Conspiracy Belief

26. Justin Josey*: A Methodology for Automated Facial Expression Recognition using Facial Landmarks

27. Katrina Lewis: America’s View on Work and Rest

28. Jessica Gazzola: Social Media and Self-Esteem

29. Ryan Brannon, Zachary Zerby, Patrick Keating, & Ryan Latkovic: Campus Food Satisfaction

30. Alexandra Kilyanek*: Logo Changes and Their Effects: A Case Study of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRaiders

Closing Ceremony 

Westinghouse Room

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM

"Best Poster" Award

Honors Civic Engagement Award

Honors Alumni Award

Presentation of the Honors Program 2018 Spring Graduates 

Schedule at a Glance

Panels 12:00-12:50pm 

  • Future Opportunities: Investments, Social Security, and a Gen Z Workforce
  • Being Green
  • Art & Education

    Panels 1:00-1:50pm

  • Engineering & Lasers
  • The Brain & Mental Health
  • Technology & Security

    Panels 2:00-2:50pm

  • Business
  • Health & Biology
  • Society and Culture

    Poster Sessions 3:00-4:40pm

    Closing Ceremony 4:40-5:00pm