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Military & Veterans

Staff Sgt. Chris Clark is a peculiar kind of accounting student: the kind who likes to hurl himself out of airplanes.

Chris, a senior accounting major at RMU, livened up his four years of active duty in the 82nd Airborne's finance office by earning his wings with 22 jumps.

While he's had a couple close calls with trees and electric fences, Chris was relieved to discover that enrolling at RMU was a low-stress activity. The university counted his military training and other classes for 18 credit hours.

"I didn't think it'd be that much, but it was. That's one less semester I have to take classes before I graduate," Chris said.

At Robert Morris University, we understand veterans need a university to be a little bit flexible. Our admissions specialists will make sure you get credit for the non-traditional learning you've absorbed, whether it's running payroll for 15,000 enlisted personnel or doing a rapid descent from 1,000 feet.

100% Our Service for Your Service

RMU offers generous veterans college benefits, closing any gap between the post 9/11 veteran's education benefits allotment and our tuition for qualifying veterans