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Shawna Wilson's not shy about hard work.

She grew up on a farm, for one thing. She spent four years as an Air Force signals intel analyst. As if the sophomore finance major isn't already busy enough now with her classes, she puts in 35 hours a week at a local bridal shop.

So Shawna appreciates having an academic advisor, David Budziszewski, who can understand her hectic schedule. Not only has he earned three degrees at RMU, he's an Air Force veteran too, just like Shawna.

"It makes the transition a little easier, knowing there are other people here who can relate to you and understand your past experiences and everything," she said.

All of which makes Shawna optimistic about her dream of becoming an investment banker.

Bet she won’t keep banker's hours.

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RMU offers generous veterans college benefits, supporting veteran's education benefits and our tuition for qualifying veterans.