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Military & Veterans

Being a college student while serving your country can be a challenge.

Senior Airman Silas Watkins knows all about it.

A sport management major who plays defense on RMU's inline hockey team, Silas has had to stretch out his studies a couple extra years because of deployments with the Air Force Reserve.

But the lessons he's learned will last a lifetime. Silas worked with pilots flying missions over Iraq. He helped build a school and a hospital in a poor village in Panama. He worked in Dover, helping prepare the remains of soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that they could be returned to their loved ones.

It has made him appreciate his own opportunities even more.

"I think about a lot of people my age who have not been able to do anything close to what I've done. So I try to be thankful for that," Silas said.

At Robert Morris University, we're thankful for our veterans and the sacrifices they have made. That's why veterans study free at RMU.

100% Our Service for Your Service

RMU offers generous veterans college benefits, closing any gap between the post 9/11 veteran's education benefits allotment and our tuition for qualifying veterans