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Seeing Troops in Uniform Gives Americans “Goose Bump.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seeing Troops in Uniform Gives Americans “Goose Bumps,” RMU Poll Finds

  • 81.1% Get Goose Bumps Seeing Men and Women in Uniform
  • U.S. Military Favorability Rating – 86.1%.  U.S. Congress?  Just 18.6%
  • 90.1% of Vets and Active Duty Surveyed:  “I’d do it all over again”
  • 16.6% of Americans Surveyed Regret Not Having Served

PITTSBURGH – An overwhelming majority of Americans have a favorable impression of the military, and nine of 10 veterans say they would do it all over again, according to the latest findings of the Robert Morris University Polling Institute Powered by Trib Total Media.

The Polling Institute research found 86.1% of Americans surveyed suggested their impression of the United States Military was very or somewhat favorable. In strong contrast, just 18.6% of Americans surveyed indicated their impression of the United States Congress was very or somewhat favorable. 

Strong majorities of Americans surveyed agreed…

  • Our men and women in uniform are America’s heroes – 90.1%
  • Seeing men and women in uniform in public or in parades evokes emotion and sometimes, goose bumps for me – 81.1%
  • The United States would be better off if more veterans ran for public office – 74.3%
  • All qualifications otherwise equal, I would vote for a military vet over a non-vet for public office – 72.0%

Other majorities agreed…

  • I would recommend U.S. Military Service to my children or other youth I know – 60.0%
  • The U.S. needs to increase our military capacity – 58.1%

Dan Rota, director of the Veterans Education and Training Services Center at RMU, said the positive attitudes toward veterans reflected in the RMU poll are consistent with his experiences as well as the experiences of Robert Morris students who are veterans. Approximately 235 veterans are enrolled as students at RMU.

“RMU veterans have indicated that they are well treated in the community not only by private citizens but by businesses,” said Rota, a retired brigadier general in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and a professor emeritus of computer and information systems.

While 58.1% of total respondents see the need to increase our military capacity, the number rises to 74.8% among those who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. military.

Those who have served or are on active duty are significantly more likely to recommend military service to youth/children – 81.3% compared to 60%. Further, those with a military background are significantly more likely to suggest they would vote for an equally qualified veteran candidate over a non-veteran candidate for office – 85.4% compared to 72%.

A large majority, 90.1%, of all those who served or are serving in the U.S. Military indicated that if they had to do it over again, they would do it again.

Significantly, 38.9% of all veterans and active duty personnel left a child or children behind in the care of a spouse or someone else during their service to the nation.

When extrapolated on the total United States population, a large number of Americans who did not serve in the U.S. Military (16.6%) say today, that they regret not having done so.

All things equal such as experience, qualifications, and personality, a majority of survey respondents in a position to hire employees or have input in hiring (59.5%) would give preference to hiring a veteran.

ABOUT THE POLL: The Poll was conducted by the Robert Morris University Polling Institute Powered by Trib Total Media. Polling by the Institute is conducted on a regular basis and may also include spontaneous polling on occurring events.

METHODOLOGY: The poll sampled opinions of 1,004 people, approximately proportional to state population contribution nationwide. The survey was conducted May 6-13, 2014. All surveys were conducted using an online survey instrument. The poll has a +/- 3.0 percent margin of error at a 95 percent confidence level on a composite basis.

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