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What I'm Reading, February 7

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This installment of “What I’m Reading” tackles a topic never far from the mind of a university president: the cost of tuition and student debt. I also share with you life lessons from a young CEO, and a detour to a galaxy far, far away.


“It’s Time For A Reality Check On Student Debt”

With all the hand wringing about college debt, it is refreshing to hear from the perhaps the world's most important banker and economist, Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellin, that financing a higher education degree is worth the cost in most instances. 


Cuomo’s Tuition Plan: Part of Solution But Full Costs Must Be Explored”

As a graduate of public and private (independent) institutions in higher education, I recognize fully the need for graduates of both types of schools to address the daunting challenges of the 21st century.  Although enticing, offering "free" tuition to New York residents as proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo has many hidden costs that former university president Brian Mitchell does a good job identifying in this essay.


“10 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew in My 20s”

I gave a TEDx talk years ago in Oklahoma City called “The Five B's" and have given modified versions of it on many occasions since.  The audience response has been uniformly positive especially when I mention that "Be Yourself" is my first "B". 

Although Sangram Vajre lists "Be Yourself" as number 10 on his list, his advice to young adults in their 20s is nothing less than spectacular.


“George Lucas’ Wife, The Public Voice Of His Museum, Talks About Creating ‘Something That Doesn’t Quite Exist Yet’”

Mellody Hobson affords the reader insight into two of our most brilliant minds: that of her husband, George Lucas, and her own.  A friend of mine from the Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellowship, Mellody explains the rationale for putting the Lucas museum in Los Angeles – and the power of storytelling.