Economics Conference - Online Proposal Submission

You are invited to submit a proposal for the presentation of a paper, panel or workshop. All presentations should have a practical, applied orientation. Papers, panels, and workshops will be 45 minutes long. Panels must include three or four presenters addressing aspects of the same topic. Workshops must actively involve the participants. All presentations should encourage discussion. The criteria for selection are: 1) how relevant is the topic, 2) is the style clear and concise, and 3) will the presentation encourage discussion.

Possible Presentation Topics:
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Assessing Student Learning
  • Diversity in Economics Education
  • Economics of the Arts
  • Economics and AACSB Accreditation
  • Evaluation of Teaching
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Distance Learning
  • Maintaining Academic Honesty in an Online Environment
  • Use of Writing to Learn
  • Use of PCs in Teaching
  • Active Learning
  • The Economics of the Textbook Industry
  • Promoting the Economics Major
  • Classroom Based Research
  • Economics of Sports
  • Teaching about the Financial Crisis

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