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Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

EDUC4130 - Cont Spec Pedagogy: Math
Fall 2012

This four-week clock course provides opportunities for teacher candidates to explore specific teaching and assessment strategies and processes particularly suited for the field of mathematics. The following "strands" are intertwined within this four-week course: NCTM teaching principles and standards, research on teaching and learning mathematics; applied mathematical problem solving; current issues in mathematics education; historical mathematical topics appropriate for the classroom; technology in the mathematics classroom; assessment in the mathematics classroom. Students will also have the opportunity to design and deliver mathematics lessons based on the Connected Mathematics curriculum. There is an opportunity for students to design and deliver a day-long mathematics enrichment day for mathematically precocious middle school students. Assignments are many and varied, from reading and reporting, generating written responses and reflections, giving oral reports, micro-teaching in both real and contrived classroom situations, designing lessons around technology, and participating in discussions in class. Pre-requisites: Candidacy status in education and admission to Professional Semester, EDUC2000, EDUC2100, EDUC3025, EDUC3050, EDUC3120, and EDUC3220 Co-requisite: EDUC0430
3 Credits

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