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NURS4020 - Adv Management Of Adult II
Fall 2012

This course focuses on the nursing care of adults with acute and complex illnesses and disease states. Students learn to integrate prioritization and decision making in designing and implementing therapeutic interventions. Interdisciplinary collaboration is emphasized. Clinical experiences providing opportunities for promoting critical problem solving and increased independence in patient care management are provided. 5 credits (3 lecture, 2 lab)
Prerequisites: COSK2220, NURS3020, NURS3015, and NURS3030
5 Credits

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NURS4020-A Adv Management Of Adult II
6 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Scaife Hall 015
    Time: 12:00-02:50 pm Instructor: Pyo
    Session: 1 (01/08 - 04/28/18) Term: Spring 2018
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: COSK2220 or COSK2225 or CSCM1030 or CSHR1030, NURS3020, NURS3015, and NURS3030 Co-requisite: NURS4021
      This course satisfies part of the Communication Skills graduation requirement.