SPED3040 - Positive Behav/Supprt Interven
Fall 2012

This course was developed to provide the pre-service educator with the skills for utilizing positive behavior supports in the management of their learning environment. By studying the causes of behaviors, future teachers will have a deeper understanding of how to prepare their students with self-determination skills and how to reduce challenging behaviors. The class will examine research-based/teacher-tested procedures, strategies, and discipline models. Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), behavior supports, antecedent management, and encouraging positive alternative behaviors will be addressed. Effective prevention and intervention strategies will be emphasized. This course will equip the aspiring teacher to design instruction and supports in order to encourage positive changes in classroom behavior.
Prerequisite: ECED2100 or Concurrent
3 Credits

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SPED3040-A Differen Instruc In Pre K-12
Canceled     Credits: 3 Days:  
       Location: Moon Room: Patrick Henry 304
    Time:   Instructor: Haser
    Session: as of 01-NOV-17 Term: Spring 2018
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      Prerequisites: ECED2100 and Candidacy status Co-requisite: SPED0304
      Co-Requisite courses must match session/section/location