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NURS9410 - Psych Consid Geriatric Populat
Spring 2013 Doctoral

This course examines the impact of selected alterations in bio-behavioral processes characteristic of human aging on the expression of mental illness in older adults. The complexity of the inter-relationship between aging processes, existing chronic physical and mental illnesses, and the emergence of new mental illnesses later in life will be analyzed. Issues of gender, race, culture, and ethnicity in aging adults that impact the expression of mental illness and responses to appropriate treatment will be examined. Students will be introduced to the assessment of mental status and function in geriatric patients with physical and mental co-morbidities across the aging trajectory.
Prerequisites: NURS9010, NURS9210, and NURS9215 Co-requisite: NURS9415
2 Credits

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NURS9410-A Psych Consid Geriatric Populat
11 Seats     Credits: 2 Days: R
       Location: Moon Room: Scaife Hall 011
    Time: 03:00-05:50 pm Instructor: Richardson
    Session: 2 (08/27 - 12/14/18) Term: Fall 2018: Doctorate
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: NURS9210 Co-requisite: NURS9415