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ORGL6400 - Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
Summer 2013

Major legislation since the 1964 Civil Rights Act have had an impact on many decisions in the areas of recruitment, selection, training, evaluating, and disciplining of employees. This legislation includes the Equal Pay Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Handicapped Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the EEOC Guidelines on Sexual Harassment. This course examines the legal regulations established by legislation by federal, state, and local governments that affect and should influence the decisions made by the leaders in organizations concerning individuals and groups, practices and policies, and the legal environment in which various organizations operate.
3 Credits

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ORGL6400-A Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
18 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Pittsburgh(Heinz 57) Room: Pittsburgh (Heinz 57) C03
    Time: 06:00-08:00 pm Instructor: Allen
    Session: 3 (08/24 - 10/15/15) Term: Fall 2015
            More Info!
      Course is taught Partially Online.  
ORGL6400-B Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
19 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 210
    Time: 06:00-08:00 pm Instructor: Quigley
    Session: 5 (10/19 - 12/12/15) Term: Fall 2015
            More Info!
      Course is taught Partially Online.  
ORGL6400-D Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
10 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: ONLINE
       Location: Internet/Online Room:
    Time: - Instructor: Kunka
    Session: 4 (10/17 - 12/12/15) Term: Fall 2015
            More Info!
      Course is taught Fully Online.