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SPED3070 - Language, Comm/Assistive Tech
Summer 2013

Course Description: This course examines normal language development and the language development of students with a disability. Instruction focuses on using language assessment to guide instruction and incorporating effective instructional strategies to develop English language skills. Students will examine the impact of language and language delays in reading and writing. In addition, this course explores assistive technology as a research supported tool to the academic success and inclusion of students with disabilities. Students will integrate assistive technology in lesson planning to meet students' individual needs as per IEP requirements. In-class activities stress team collaboration in our schools.
Prerequisites: SPED3010 and SPED3020
3 Credits

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SPED3070-A Language, Comm/Assistive Tech
19 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 303
    Time: 01:00-05:00 pm Instructor: Donne
    Session: 6 (06/09 - 08/03/18) Term: Summer 2018
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: SPED3010 and SPED3020 and Candidacy status Co-requisite: SPED0307
      Co-Requisite courses must match session/section/location