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MBAD6043 - Managerial/Corporate Finance
Fall 2013

This course develops the financial principles and practices which are essential to business decision-making. Student?s will employ analytical techniques for deciding among alternate strategies based on the effect each strategy is expected to have on the value of the firm. The course?s focus on problem-solving which provides an understanding of the strengths and weakness of various tools for making business decisions. Topics include valuation, risk analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital, long-term financing alternatives, capital structure, dividend policy and working capital management.
Prerequisite: MBAP5012 and MBAP5022 or equivalents
3 Credits

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MBAD6043-B Managerial/Corporate Finance
18 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: T
       Location: Moon Room: Business School 118
    Time: 06:00-10:00 pm Instructor: Flanegin
    Session: 3 (01/09 - 03/03/17) Term: Spring 2017
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: MBAP5012 and MBAP5022 or equivalents
MBAD6043-A Managerial/Corporate Finance
Full     Credits: 3 Days: ONLINE
       Location: Internet/Online Room:
    Time: - Instructor: Ma
    Session: 4 (03/04 - 04/29/17) Term: Spring 2017
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: MBAP5012 and MBAP5022 or equivalents
      Course is taught Fully Online.