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MSNM7110 - Res/Thesis Proj I- Proposal
Spring 2014

This course allows the student to apply problem-oriented, triangulated research methods learned in Discovery and Assessments for Effective Decision Making (MSNM6620), to an identified problem situation in a nonprofit organization. Students will be mentored by a preceptor from the nonprofit organization and receive advice from a faculty advisor from the college, during the duration of the course. Cooperation between the student, the mentor and the faculty advisor is obtained through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement that satisfies for both MSNMxxxx and MSNMxxxx (Course Appendix A). Students will finalize and submit for approval, a project proposal. The proposal is required to be organizationally and grammatically correct, of graduate quality, and able to be accomplished within the course time limits. The externship experience may occur where the student is currently employed or at another organization. See Course Appendix B for a listing of possible externship sites. Once approved, the student will precede with the initial research, such as problem identification, proposition development, determination of methodology, development and testing of interview questions or questionnaire. Pilot testing may be required. The faculty advisor in consultation with the mentor will determine the final grade of the proposal. 3 credits
Prerequisite: MSNM6620
3 Credits

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