English Track for M.S. in Instructional Leadership

SPED6050 - Low-Incidence Disab: Mths/Prac
Spring 2014

This course examines policies, trends, educational practices, and societal perspectives related to students with low incidence disabilities. This course focuses on evidence based effective instruction delivery, behavioral intervention, instructional strategies, and assessment in reading, writing, math, and science instruction for students with low incidence disabilities. In addition, teachers will explore age-appropriate functional education, secondary transition processes, and community-based programs. Emphasis is placed on lesson planning, constructing materials, peer inclusive strategies, and collaboration. Evidence-based methods for design, delivery, and adaptation of instruction to implement student IEPs are explored.
Prerequisites: SPED6080 and SPED6085
3 Credits

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SPED6050-A Low-Incidence Disab: Mths/Prac
Canceled     Credits: 3 Days:  
       Location: Moon Room: Patrick Henry 306
    Time:   Instructor: Donne
    Session: as of 11-AUG-17 Term: Fall 2017
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: SPED6080 and SPED6085 Co-requisite: SPED0650
      Students who register for this course must also register for SPED00650 A
      Co-Requisite courses must match session/section/location