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FYSP1020 - An Orientation To Amer Univers
Fall 2014

This course is a three (3) credit course offered on a graded basis, affording the opportunity to learn and practice methods necessary for college success while adjusting to the American University teaching and learning environment. The course is divided into three modules. Module I: The University Environment provides advisement, counseling, and university resources that will enable international students to become successful at Robert Morris University. Module II: Study Skills develop personal academic and study skills to help organize an academic plan for the completion of a bachelor's degree. Participants will learn about academic integrity, information ethics, critical thinking skills, the promotion of educational values, and the development of skills and attitudes necessary for a satisfactory college experience. In addition, the course provides information on campus resources, assists in laying the groundwork for choosing a major and planning a career, eases the transition to college, and generally fosters a deeper connection to campus. Module III: Living and Learning in the U.S. introduces international students to their new surroundings, language, customs, food, and people to help them become more comfortable with life here in Pittsburgh. At Robert Morris University, we understand that making the transition to college (especially a foreign college) and adjusting to the rigors of academic life poses many challenges for a first-year student. The First-Year Studies Program -- International includes an orientation, seminar courses, academic advisement, and various workshops to meet the unique challenges of first-year international students.
2 Credits

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