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Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

EDML8110 - Applying Instructnl Technology
EDML8120 - Leadership Theory
EDML8130 - International Perspective/Educ
EDML8140 - Crit Readings Educ Research
EDML8150 - Leadership Practice
EDML8170 - Instruc Ldshp In Curric Plan
EDML8180 - Instruc Ldshp In Program Eval
EDML8190 - Law and Ethics In Education
EDML8200 - Managing Finances and Budgets
EDML8210 - Managing Instructional Tech
EDML8220 - Managing Instruc Environ
EDML8230 - Research I - Qualit/Quant Meth
EDML8240 - Quantitative Research
EDML8250 - Statistical Methods I
EDML8260 - Statistical Methods II
EDML8270 - Writing For Publication
EDML8280 - Teaching In Higher Ed: T.C.L.
EDML9100 - Leadership Practicum I
EDML9110 - Leadership Practicum II
EDML9120 - Leadership Practicum III
EDML9130 - Dissertation Seminar I
EDML9140 - Dissertation Seminar II
EDML9150 - Dissertation Seminar III
EDML9160 - Dissertation Seminar IV
EDML9170 - Dissertation Seminar V
EDML9180 - Introduction To The Dissertiat
EDUC0600 - Field Experiences 6000
EDUC0601 - Field Experiences 6010
EDUC0605 - Field Experiences 6085
EDUC0606 - Field Experiences 6060
EDUC0608 - Field Experiences 6080
EDUC0640 - Field Experiences 6400
EDUC0650 - Field Experiences 6510
EDUC0652 - Field Experiences 6520
EDUC0653 - Field Experiences 6530
EDUC0654 - Field Experiences 6540
EDUC0660 - Field Experiences 6560
EDUC6000 - Critical Issues Affect Amer Ed (Course Code was formerly: ED501)
EDUC6010 - Theory Learn/Classroom Mgmt (Course Code was formerly: ED502)
EDUC6030 - Intro Thry/Prac On-Line Educ
EDUC6040 - Managing The Learning Environ (Course Code was formerly: ED507)
EDUC6050 - Research Strat/Res Accounting (Course Code was formerly: ED523)
EDUC6051 - Research Strat/Res Econ Educ (Course Code was formerly: ED526)
EDUC6060 - Curr Design/Assessment (Course Code was formerly: ED541)
EDUC6065 - Educational Statistics (Course Code was formerly: EDUC6020)
EDUC6070 - Active Strategies/Improve Lrng (Course Code was formerly: ED542)
EDUC6080 - Special Learning Needs (Course Code was formerly: ED543)
EDUC6085 - Principles Of Inclusion
EDUC6090 - Instructional Ldshp/ Decis Mak (Course Code was formerly: ED545)
EDUC6100 - Dev Instr Materls Using Softwr (Course Code was formerly: ED546)
EDUC6110 - Integrting Instructional Techn (Course Code was formerly: ED547)
EDUC6120 - Instructional Leadership/Mgmt (Course Code was formerly: ED548)
EDUC6125 - Instructional Ldrshp/Org Lrng
EDUC6130 - Educational Research Seminar (Course Code was formerly: ED555)
EDUC6140 - Inst Leadership Practicum (Course Code was formerly: ED560)
EDUC6150 - Inst Leadership Pract Advanced (Course Code was formerly: ED565)
EDUC6160 - Res Strat & Res For Voc Educ (Course Code was formerly: ED570)
EDUC6170 - The Reflective Learner (Course Code was formerly: ED575)
EDUC6180 - Powerpoint 2007 (Course Code was formerly: ED604)
EDUC6190 - Access 2007 (Course Code was formerly: ED608)
EDUC6200 - Adobe Indesign (Course Code was formerly: ED609)
EDUC6210 - Web Development For Educators (Course Code was formerly: ED610)
EDUC6224 - Digital Video Prod For Tchers (Course Code was formerly: ED624)
EDUC6230 - Word 2007 (Course Code was formerly: ED622)
EDUC6240 - Front Page
EDUC6270 - Excel 2007 (Course Code was formerly: ED627)
EDUC6280 - Learning Windows 98 (Course Code was formerly: ED635)
EDUC6290 - Microsoft Publisher 2007
EDUC6400 - Reading Across Curr and Ell (Course Code was formerly: ED631)
EDUC6410 - Electronic Classrms Pres Wkshp (Course Code was formerly: ED633)
EDUC6500 - Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC6510 - Cont Spec Pedagogy: Eng/Com Ed
EDUC6520 - Cont Spec Pedagogy:Bus/Comp
EDUC6530 - Cont Spec Pedagogy: Math
EDUC6540 - Cont Spec Pedag: Biology/Envir
EDUC6550 - Student Internship: Biology
EDUC6553 - Student Internship: English
EDUC6555 - Student Internship: Eng/Com
EDUC6560 - Cont Spec Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC6570 - Student Internship: Business
EDUC6580 - Student Internship: Math
EDUC6590 - Student Internship:Soc Studies
EDUC6600 - Prof Issues Seminar (Course Code was formerly: ED660)
EDUC6610 - Foundations Of Online Tchg/Lrn
EDUC6620 - Adv Techniques In Online Instr
EDUC6630 - Methods Of Online Assessment
EDUC6640 - Special Topics In Online Instr
EDUC6650 - Online Instruction Practicum
EDUC6780 - Corporate Training I (Course Code was formerly: ED678)
EDUC6880 - Corporate Training II
EDUC7903 - Instruct Tech Specialst Intern (Course Code was formerly: ED683)
LEAD6000 - Principal Preparation Seminar
LEAD6010 - Ldshp & School Improvem Intern
LEAD6020 - Ldshp & Student Achieve Intern
LEAD6030 - Ldshp & Special Educ Intern
LEAD6040 - Ldshp & Prof Developmt Intern
RDSP6700 - Curr Trends/Issues In Literacy
RDSP6710 - Found/Prin Of Literacy Instruc
RDSP6720 - Assess/Interven Early Literacy
RDSP6730 - Assess/Interven In Adoles Lite
RDSP6740 - Ldshp/Superv Read Spec/Lit Coa
TESL6000 - Intro Tch Engl Second Language
TESL6010 - Devel Cultural Awareness/Senst
TESL6020 - Obser, Plng, Implem, Mng Instr
TESL6030 - Lang Acquisition/Development
TESL6040 - Assessment and Support
TESL6050 - Engl Lang Lrns, Fam, Comm/Prof


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