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Health Services Administration  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

HSAM1250 - Health Services Admin I (Course Code was formerly: HSAM1200)
HSAM1300 - Health Services Admin II
HSAM1400 - Introduction To Managed Care (Course Code was formerly: HSMG2300)
HSAM1500 - Healthcare Financial Admin
HSAM1600 - Fundamentals Of Health Policy (Course Code was formerly: HSMG3700)
HSAM1700 - Strategic Plan For Hlth Care
HSAM1800 - Marketing For Hlth Serv Org
HSAM1900 - Human Resource Admin In Hc (Course Code was formerly: HM311)
HSAM2000 - Health Care Law and Ethics
HSAM2100 - Basic Prin Of Health Economics (Course Code was formerly: HSMG3200)
HSAM3100 - Consumer Health Issues
HSAM3200 - Acctg, Budgeting/Finan Acctab
HSAM3250 - Research Hlth Care Profesnl
HSAM3400 - Ethics Hlth Care Administrator
HSAM4700 - Conducting Clinical Research
HSAM4850 - Undergrad Thesis Hlth Care
HSAM4901 - Internship/Co-Op
HSAM4902 - Internship/Co-Op
HSAM4903 - Internship/Co-Op
HSAM4921 - Internship/Co-Op