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Nuclear Medicine  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

NMED2001 - Intro To The Hospital Environm
NMED2002 - Evaluation and Instruction
NMED2003 - Fundamentals Hlth Care Admin
NMED3003 - Nucl Medicine Physics/Rad Phys
NMED3004 - Instrumentation Technol/Techn
NMED3005 - Radiopharmacy
NMED3006 - Computer Applic Nuclear Medic
NMED3007 - Radiation Safety
NMED3008 - Clinical Techniques & Practice
NMED3009 - Nuclear Medicine Technol/Tech
NMED3010 - Instrumentation/Quality Cntr I
NMED3011 - Radiation Biology
NMED3050 - Pharmacology
NMED4010 - Positron Emission Tomography
NMED4013 - Clinical Practice I
NMED4014 - Instrumentation/Qual Cntrl II
NMED4015 - Clinical Radiopharmacy
NMED4016 - Clinical Practice II
NMED4017 - Seminar I
NMED4018 - Clinical Practice III
NMED4019 - Clinical Practice IV
NMED4020 - Nuclear Cardiology
NMED4021 - Pet Clinical Practice/Research
NMED4022 - Seminar
NMED4023 - Computerized Tomography Tech
NMED4024 - Mri Technology
NMED4043 - Cross-Sectional Anatomy
NMED4600 - Advanced Imaging Technology