Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

NU8RS815 - Integrated Research/Practice
NURS6100 - Transcultural Health Care Thry
NURS6150 - Applied Statistics For Evidenc
NURS6200 - Research For Adv Nursing Roles
NURS6220 - Ldrship & Mgmt Sem/Practicum I
NURS6230 - Clinical Focus & Practicum I
NURS6240 - Clinical Focus & Practicum II
NURS6250 - Transcultural Health Care
NURS7010 - Pharmacology For Nurs Educator
NURS7015 - Adv Phy Assess/Pathophysiology
NURS7016 - Assess/Patho/Pharm For Nurs Ed
NURS7020 - Clinical Focus Seminar/Practic
NURS7040 - Health Policy and Economics
NURS7060 - Nursing Education: Clsrm Teach
NURS7080 - Nursing Education: Clinc Teach
NURS7200 - Ldrshp Mgmt Sem/Practicum II
NURS7300 - Ldrshp Mgmt Sem/Practicum III
NURS7400 - Nursing Educ: Synthesis & Appl
NURS7800 - Nursing Educ: Semin & Practicu
NURS7901 - Internship/Co-Op
NURS8010 - Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS8020 - Research Theory
NURS8030 - Principles Of Epidemiology
NURS8040 - Clinical Teams I (Course Code was formerly: HSIC8010)
NURS8050 - Appl Statistics Evid Based Pra (Course Code was formerly: STAT8010)
NURS8060 - Health Care Policy (Course Code was formerly: HSIC8020)
NURS8070 - Health Care Economics (Course Code was formerly: HSIC8030)
NURS8110 - Advanced Pharmacology
NURS8120 - Health Promotion/Clinical Prev
NURS8130 - Adv Physical Assessment/Dx
NURS8135 - Adv Phys Assessment Lab
NURS8140 - Evid Based Prac Adv Nur Rol
NURS8150 - Integrated Research/Practice
NURS8160 - Clinical Teams II (Course Code was formerly: HSIC8120)
NURS8210 - Health Law and Ethics (Course Code was formerly: HSIC8210)
NURS8230 - Clinical Genetics
NURS9010 - Prin Of Biological Psychiatry
NURS9110 - Psychopharmacology
NURS9120 - Hlth Assess Childr/Adols
NURS9125 - Hlth Assess Childr/Adols Prac
NURS9130 - Evidence Based Prac/Info Syst
NURS9140 - Diagn/Mgt Hc Cond In Children
NURS9145 - Diag/Mgt Hc Cond Children Prac
NURS9150 - Diagnosis/Mgt Women´s Health
NURS9155 - Diagnos/Mgt Women´s Hlth Pract
NURS9160 - Clinical Diagnostics
NURS9165 - Clinical Diagnosis Practicum
NURS9170 - Diagnosis/Mgt Of Adults I
NURS9175 - Diagnosis/Mgt Of Adults I Prac
NURS9210 - Psychiatric Diagnosis
NURS9215 - Psychiatric Diagnosis Prac
NURS9220 - Diagnosis/Mgt Geriatric Client
NURS9225 - Diagnosis/Mgt Geria Clien Prac
NURS9230 - Psychiatric Diagnos Prac Aprn
NURS9270 - Diagnosis/Mgt Of Adults II
NURS9275 - Diagnosis/Mgt Adults II Pract
NURS9310 - Mgt Psychiatric Disorders I
NURS9311 - Principles Of Family Practice
NURS9315 - Mgt Psychiatr Disorders I Prac
NURS9320 - Mgt Psychiatric Disorders II
NURS9325 - Mgt Psychiat Disorders II Prac
NURS9330 - Psycother Interven Individuals
NURS9335 - Psycot Interven Individ Practi
NURS9340 - Mgt Psychtr Disord I Prac Aprn
NURS9350 - Mgt Psych Disord II Prac Aprn
NURS9410 - Psych Consid Geriatric Populat
NURS9415 - Psyc Cons Geriatric Popul Prac
NURS9510 - Psychother Intervent W/Familiy
NURS9515 - Psycoth Interv W/Family Practi
NURS9610 - Practice Mgt Issues/Role Integ
NURS9620 - Appl Evid Based Prac Hlth Cre