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Independent Study/Internship   ___583 INDEPENDENT PROJECT involves planning and completing a research project under the supervision of an assigned faculty member. The topic is selected in consultation with a faculty advisor and should be pointed toward solving a persistent managerial
need for data, procedures, organizational structure, or solutions for a particular organization, industry, association, or government agency. Although the project will typically result in a formal written report, students are encouraged to consider other forms of communication media. Prerequisite -- Permission of the appropriate dean. 3 credits

___681-686 INTERNSHIP is designed for graduate students who either have limited work experience or are considering a career change. The student is assigned to a part-time position which has been both arranged and approved by the University. Job descriptions, duties and responsibilities, and details of employment may be consulted at the Office of Career
Services. Prerequisites include completion of 18 credit hours of graduate study (excluding Core I courses) and permission of the appropriate dean. The number of credits is equal to the last digit in the course code. Note: no more than 3 credits can apply as an elective in most programs. Consult this catalog or the graduate admissions office to determine applicability of this course to any graduate program. 1 - 6 credits

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