Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ENGR1010 - Introduction To Engineering
ENGR1022 - Energy Fund and Sustainability
ENGR1023 - Alternative Energy Technol
ENGR1024 - Green Buildings and Leed
ENGR1610 - Statics & Strength Of Materls
ENGR2012 - Renewable Resources (Course Code was formerly: ENVS2012)
ENGR2080 - Engineering Statistics
ENGR2100 - Dynamics
ENGR2140 - Circuits and Electromagnetics
ENGR2160 - Engineering Graphics
ENGR2180 - Engineering Materials
ENGR2500 - Human Factors Engineering
ENGR2510 - Biomedical Engineering Princ
ENGR3022 - Energy Stor Convers & Tranpor
ENGR3080 - Design Of Industrial Experimen
ENGR3110 - Thermodynamics and Energetics
ENGR3140 - Analog/Digital Electronics
ENGR3200 - Value Design
ENGR3210 - Fundamentals Of Logistics Engr
ENGR3250 - Automated Identification Sys
ENGR3300 - Fluid Mechanics
ENGR3350 - Heat Transfer
ENGR3400 - Software Verif and Validation
ENGR3410 - Fundamentals Of Software Eng
ENGR3420 - Comp Archit For Software Eng
ENGR3500 - Material Handling/Plant Layout
ENGR3510 - Biomechanics
ENGR3600 - Production Engineering
ENGR3610 - Fundamentals Of Manufact Eng
ENGR3650 - Product and Tool Design
ENGR3680 - Intro To Quality Engineering
ENGR3700 - Manufacturing Plng/Control
ENGR3800 - Supply Chain Engineering
ENGR3900 - Optimization Techn Industr Eng
ENGR4010 - Analysis & Desgn Mfg Systems
ENGR4015 - Analysis/Desgn Mfg Systems Lab
ENGR4022 - Conven Energy: Fossil Fuels (Course Code was formerly: GEOL4022)
ENGR4030 - Project Engineering
ENGR4100 - Machine Design
ENGR4112 - Energy Research Seminar
ENGR4140 - Signals and Sensors
ENGR4150 - Desgn/Analysis Mechanical Sys
ENGR4170 - Numerical Methods
ENGR4200 - Safety and Methods Eng
ENGR4300 - System Dynamics and Control
ENGR4400 - Device Control
ENGR4450 - Distributed Sys Implementation
ENGR4499 - Mfg Engineering Co-Op Educ
ENGR4510 - Introduction To Biomaterials
ENGR4520 - Des & Mfg Of Bme Devices & Sy
ENGR4600 - Metrology and Quality
ENGR4610 - Continuum Mechanics
ENGR4650 - Simulation
ENGR4700 - Robotics and Automation
ENGR4801 - Rapid Prototyp & Reverse Engr
ENGR4900 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4901 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4902 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4911 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4912 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4913 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4921 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4922 - Eng Practice: Biomed Res Sem
ENGR4923 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4931 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4932 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4933 - Engineering Practice
ENGR4940 - Engineering Research Projects
ENGR4950 - Integrated Engineering Design
SEMS1100 - Evolut/Develop Of Stem Discipl