Nursing Degree - Traditional Track

NURS3050 - Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam
Fall 2011

This course emphasizes the promotion of health for mothers and their families. Self-care and empowerment are an integral focus in examining women's health from a developmental perspective. The nursing process provides the framework for students to assess and therapeutically intervene in promoting healthy childbearing and care of the newborn. Emphasis is placed on nursing care of the woman, the fetus and the newborn within the family environment. Concepts of human development of individual, family and community form the context in examining the nursing role of the professional nurse. The effect of cultural, social, economic and ethical influences as well as the impact of health care technology is discussed. (3 lecture, 2 lab)
Prerequisites: NURS2010, NURS3015, NURS3020. NURS3030, NURS3040 and COSK2220
5 Credits

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NURS3050-C1 Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam
2 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Scaife Hall 015
    Time: 08:00-12:30 pm Instructor: Guimond
    Session: 4 (05/15 - 07/20/17) Term: Summer 2017
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: COSK2220 or COSK2225, NURS3015, NURS3020, and NURS3030 Co-requisite: NURS3051
      This course satisfies part of the Communication Skills graduation requirement.
      Communication Skills Section.