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EDUC2100 - Educational Psychology
Fall 2010

This course combines the traditional content from courses in educational psychology, diversity, multicultural education, and introduction to exceptionalities. The course is designed to help the student gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the scientific knowledge in such areas as development, cognition, instruction, evaluation, motivation, and personal and social development as they apply to education. Education majors must earn a "C" or higher to successfully complete this course. Co-requisite: EDUC0210
3 Credits

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EDUC2100-A Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
2 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: M W F
       Location: Moon Room: Nicholson Center 415
    Time: 10:00-10:50 am Instructor: Bernauer
    Session: 1 (01/09 - 04/29/17) Term: Spring 2017
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Head Co-requisite: EDUC0210
      Students registering for this course must also register for EDUC0210
      Co-Requisite courses must match session/section/location