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MBAD6525 - Marketing Analytics
Fall 2017

The objectives of this course are to equip students with strong analytic skills, expose them to large datasets where they can engage in mining as it relates to customer relationship management, brand marketing, customer segmentation, sales promotion and other marketing topics. The course deals with how marketers can extract useful information and intelligence from marketing data for designing marketing strategies. The emphasis in the course is on advanced data analysis relevant for marketing decisions. Students will also be exposed to a collection of current practices and computer applications used to run data mining programs for marketing intelligence discovery to support the business decision-making process. The course along with other MBA courses is positioned for those students who are looking at careers in consulting, business development, or other areas where analytic skills are highly valued.
Prerequisite: MBAD6520-Business Analytics
3 Credits

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MBAD6540 - Accounting Analytics
Fall 2017

This course is offered to students who are interesting in advancing their data analytics mindset and skills in accounting and the closely-related fields. Students will be exposed to different kinds of data analytics tools currently used by business entities and learn some essential analytical techniques for the accounting profession. Furthermore, the course provides a survey of and demonstrates data analytics applications in different areas of accounting to help with business decision making and problem solving. Students will learn how to apply their data analytics skills to real-world business issues using real-world data.
Prerequisite: MBAD6250-Business Analytics
3 Credits

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