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DISC8740 - Read In Info Syst/Comm Res
Spring 2015

This course presents an overview of qualitative research traditions and methods and focuses to depth investigation of five specific methods: case study, ethnography, narrative, phenomenology, and grounded theory. Using literature featuring diverse methods, students map the correlation between the review of the literature and methods section of a research study and evaluate academic research for conformity to a specific methodological approach.
3 Credits

DISC9515 - Proposal Development Seminar
Spring 2015

Focuses on the design, development, and writing of a field project. Emphasis is on research, organization, argument development, format, presentation and defense of the field project proposal. 3 credits
3 Credits

DISC9520 - Field Project II - Research
Spring 2015

This course continues the capstone experience of Field Project I. With an approved proposal for the field investigation and admission to doctoral candidacy, the student applies his/her knowledge and investigative strategies within a corporate, professional, or educational context. Working with a faculty advisor and a field-based informant, the student addresses the complex problem proposed in Field Project I and develops a viable solution to that problem.
Prerequisites: Field Project I and Admisison to the Doctoral Candidacy. 6 Credits
6 Credits