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Communications and Information Systems  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

DISC8110 - The Information Age Organiztn
DISC8120 - Tech, Human Commun & Info Trf
DISC8130 - Cult,Values,Tech In Global Env
DISC8140 - Info Systems In Legal Contexts
DISC8150 - Economics Of Info Systems
DISC8160 - Knowledge Management
DISC8170 - Ldrshp,Str Prob Solv,Org Chg
DISC8710 - Appl Quan Meth To Info Syst
DISC8720 - Ethnography Of Info Systms
DISC8730 - Sys/ Usablty, Studies,Tst, Dsn
DISC8740 - Read In Info Syst/Comm Res (Course Code was formerly: DISC8180)
DISC9110 - Data Warehousing
DISC9310 - Spec Topics In Is and Comm
DISC9510 - Field Project I-Research
DISC9515 - Proposal Development Seminar
DISC9517 - Research Design Seminar
DISC9520 - Field Project II - Research
DISC9525 - Advanced Methology Seminar
DISC9530 - Field Project III - Research
DISC9535 - Field Project Develop Seminar