Graduate Degrees

Master of Science
Available Majors and Concentrations

Business Education (MS)
Business Education (FOP) (MS)
Counseling Psychology (MS)
Cyber Security and Info Assurance(FOP) (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Cyber Secur/Info Assur - Enterpr Syst Conc (Fop)
 Cyber Security and Information Assurance (Fop)
Cyber Security and Information Assurance (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Cyber Security/Info Assur-Enterpris Syst Concen
 Cyber Security/Information Assur - Internship
Data Analytics (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Enterprise Systems
Data Analytics (FOP) (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Data Analytics - Enterprise Systems (Fop)
Engineering Management (MS)
Engineering Management (FOP) (MS)
Health Services Administration (FOP) (MS)
Human Resource Management (FOP) (MS)
IT Project Management (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 General Specialization
 Project Management - Info Systems Specialization
 Project Management - Internship
IT Project Management (FOP) (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 IT Project Management-Info Syst Spec (Fop)
Information Systems Management (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
Instruct. Leadership (FOP) (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Instructional Leadership (Fop)
Instructional Leadership (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Autism Spectr Disorder
 Instructional Technol
 Principal Certificat
 Sport Management
 Online Teach Certif/Endor
Internet Info Sys (FOP) (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Internet Info Syst-Entp Syst Concen (External)
 Internet Infor Syst - Enterprise Syst Concen (Fop)
 Internet Information Systems (Fop)
Internet Information Systems (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Internet Information Syst - Enterprise Syst Concen
Online Info Security and Assurance (MS)
    With Concentrations In...
 Info Secur & Assur-Entr-Syst Concen (External)
Organizational Leadership (MS)
Organizational Leadership (FOP) (MS)
Taxation (MS)