Program Overview

The Department of English offers an area of study concentrating on various aspects of professional AND technical writing. The area of study is intended for students and practicing professionals who wish to develop their writing skills in order to seek or advance a career in professional writing and who wish to explore the rhetorical, linguistic, and technological context of professional writing. The area of study is also intended for students who wish to pursue a masters degree in 
professional or technical writing.

The B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing is an interdisciplinary concentration in applied language based in linguistics, rhetoric, and communication. It is designed to be a niche program in applied language and may be completed fully online.

Curriculum Requirements

The B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing degree program requires 120 credit hours. The curriculum has five components: 

  1. Robert Morris Core - 39 credits
    These are traditional liberal arts requirements of the University. Studies in humanities, communication skills, and social, behavioral, natural and quantitative sciences are included.
  2. Department Requirements - 12 credits
    These are Department of English standard courses in Literature, Essay, Language and Rhetoric.
  3. Required Major - 30 credits
    This component requires students to complete the major requirements by taking 10 courses that include American Literature, British Literature, and Shakespeare.
  4. Concentration - 24 credits
    This component requires students to complete a concentration by taking 9 courses including writing, designing, editing and communications.
  5. Open Electives - 15 credits
    Students are encouraged to take classes in areas that are relevant to their professional trajectory: information systems, business, engineering, media arts, organizational studies, etc.

Sample Business/Industry Job Titles

We envision these markets: students who seek to teach in secondary schools (including cyber-schools), 
community colleges or proprietary schools; students seeking an applied B.A. in English as preparation for further graduate work or careers in professions that require technical writing and communication skills such as technical writers, editors, or trainers.

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