Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Professional Communications and Information Systems degree program prepares graduates to work in areas of technology or in positions that require a high level of interaction through technology and communications. It is an accelerated evening and on-line program primarily designed for those with prior work experience.  This program is an interdisciplinary program merging Computer Information Systems, Communication, and Organizational Leadership.

This program expands a student's analytical thinking and creativity, and provides the skills to apply knowledge of information systems and communication in a variety of contexts, including information technology applications, interfaces with human users, support software, communication problems and strategies, and the design of information for a variety of users and contexts.

The program will enhance skills already learned in the workplace and provide a foundation for acquiring new skills, such as systems theory and design or decision support systems, to support organizational decision-making processes. Its focus on communications within various organizational contexts allows a student to increase his or her skills in both verbal and written communications.


The 120-credit hour curriculum has four components:

  1. Robert Morris University Core - 39 credits
    These are the traditional liberal arts requirements of the University. Studies in humanities, communications skills, and social, behavioral, natural and quantitative sciences are included.
  2. Communications and Information Systems - 36 credits
    This is the major field of study and includes six courses in communications and six courses in information systems
  3. Major - 36 Credits Required

    *3 credits          COMM2550   Interpersonal Communication
    *    3 credits          COMM2600   Intro To Human Communications
    *    3 credits          COMM2700   Organizational Communication
    *    3 credits          COMM2800   Strategic Writing
    *    3 credits          COMM3030   Professional Writing
    *    3 credits          COMM4800   Media Management
    *    3 credits          INFS2150       Intro To Web Dev & E-Comm Tech
    *    3 credits          INFS2470       Decision Support Systems
    *    3 credits          INFS3210       Operating Systems Concepts
    *    3 credits          INFS3220       Systems Analysis and Design
    *    3 credits          INFS4240       Database Management System
    *    3 credits          INFS2480       Telecommunications for Information Systems Professionals??
  4. Minor/Focus/Open Electives - 45 Credits Required