The Master's (M.S.) in Instructional Leadership online degree program is offered in the School of Education and Social Sciences.


If you are interested in becoming a professional leader in K-12 education or in business, then the Instructional Leadership master's degree might be for you. This program allows you to build on what you have already learned and advance professionally. With this degree, you can demonstrate that your instructional and leadership skills are a cut above the rest.  In addition to the on-ground M.S. in Instructional Leadership, RMU offers the program with a fully online option. 

The program is 30 credits and can be completed in as little as a year.  The degree can also be combined with the certificate in online teaching program.

Course Requirements

The 30-credit coursework has four components: the instructional leadership core, educational theory and practice, and instructional technology.

Instructional Leadership Core - 12 credits required
Educ6060   Curr Design/Assessment                 3 Credits 
Educ6065   Educational Statistics                      3 Credits 
Educ6130   Educational Research Seminar         3 Credits
(Select One Of The Following)
Educ6090   Instructional Leadership/Decis Mak   3 Credits 
Educ6120   Instructional Leadership/Mgmt          3 Credits 
Educ6125   Instructional Ldrship/Org Lrng           3 Credits

Education Theory and Practice - 15 credits required
(Select Five Of The Following)
SPED6080 Special Learning Needs                       3 Credits
SPED6085 Principles Of Inclusion                         3 Credits
EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affect Amer Ed              3 Credits
EDUC6010 Theory Learn/Classroom Mgmt             3 Credits
EDUC6040 Managing The Learning Environ            3 Credits
EDUC6210 Web Development For Educators          3 Credits
EDUC6400 Reading Across Curr and Ell                 3 Credits
EDUC6610 Foundations Of Online Tchg/Lrn            3 Credits

Computers and Technology - 3 credits required
(Select One Of The Following)
Educ6610   Foundations of Online Tchg/Ln         3 Credits
Educ6110   Integrting Instructional Techn           3 Credits
Educ6210   Web Development For Educators     3 Credits


Click to visit the RMU Office of Graduate Admissions website to find out about tuition and fees, financial aid, and how to apply for the program; or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions directly at or 800-762-0097.

To apply, go to You can complete the application online with no application fee.