As information technology (IT) continues to advance rapidly, the demand for IT project managers also will increase. The U.S. Department of Labor indicates that the systems analyst project manager will be the largest and most quickly growing occupation through the year 2018. This is a good indicator of the growing demand for professionals trained in IT project management.

Program Overview

People in every industry manage projects. Today's project management involves much more than just overseeing a few key project parameters. As technology has evolved, so has the use of computer hardware, software, networks and interdisciplinary and global work teams as a part of project management. This is why Robert Morris University created the Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Technology Project Management degree program.

While there are approximately 40 undergraduate and graduate programs in project management in the United States, almost all of them focus tightly on issues relating to scheduling and resource management for military and construction industry projects. Robert Morris University's M.S. in Information Technology Project Management is the first graduate degree program in the nation to focus specifically on IT project management.

Program Objectives

The program is designed for I/T professionals and practitioners who either work in or plan to work in a project-oriented environment.  The degree will prepare students to apply knowledge and provide leadership in the I/T project management environment.

This degree will prepare you to:

  • Apply knowledge and provide leadership in the IT project management environment;
  • Demonstrate an advanced level of intellectual achievement in the context of IT project management;
  • Synthesize theory and practice of appropriate project management concepts in the design and development of IT projects; and
  • Utilize project management software to help plan, control, and document the use of the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)A? knowledge areas and processes for any given IT project.

The program also incorporates an applied research/internship component that allows you to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations and problems.


The M.S. in Information Technology Project Management is a 30-credit program comprised of 21 credits of core courses, including a six-credit research project, and nine credits of specialization courses. You may choose to pursue an information systems specialization or a general specialization, in which you may select graduate-level courses from a variety of areas (e.g., business, communications) to tailor the degree to your career goals. Specialization courses may be taken concurrently with core courses.

Core Courses - 21 credits
Three credits each: 
COIS7479    Project Management in Communications and Information Systems 
INFS7520    Leadership Skills for Information Technology Project Management 
INFS7530    Managing Software Development in Information Technology Projects 
INFS7550    Quality Issues for Information Technology Project Management 
INFS7560    Strategic Planning for Information Technology Project Management 

Two credits each: 
INFS7571    Project Management Research Project I  
INFS7572    Project Management Research Project II  
INFS7573    Project Management Research Project III 

Specialization Courses - 9 credits
Choose three graduate-level courses in specialization area.


Specialization courses are designed to enhance and broaden your background. A total of nine credits must be taken in the specialization area. Specialization options include:

Information Systems
INFS6010 Decision Support Systems Analysis & Design 
And any two of the following:
INFS6040    Management Information Systems 
INFS6220    Systems Analysis 
INFS6230    Network/Data Communications 
INFS6240    Database Management Systems

Three approved graduate-level courses in a related area of study.

Course Sequence

The M.S. in Information Technology Project Management is offered in an accelerated eight-week evening format. You can begin in the fall, spring or summer semester. Part-time students can complete the degree in 24 months, attending just one course per eight-week session. The following is a sample course sequence:

Year One
Fall 1st Eight Weeks    COIS 7479 
Fall 2nd Eight Weeks    INFS7520 
Spring First Eight Weeks    INFS7530 
Spring 2nd Eight Weeks    INFS7550 
Summer Session Specialization Course

Year Two
Fall 1st Eight Weeks    INFS7560 
Fall 2nd Eight Weeks    INFS7571 
Spring First Eight Weeks    INFS7520 and Specialization Course 
Spring 2nd Eight Weeks    INFS7573 and Specialization Course 
Summer Session    INFS7570

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • A minimum undergraduate QPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale
  • At least a 'B' grade in each of the following courses (or equivalent titles):
    • Systems Analysis and Design
    • Database Management Systems
    • Any programming language
Students who have not completed a specific course may be admitted provisionally but will be required to complete the course during the first semester of enrollment at RMU.


Tuition information can be found at Tuition Fees & Schedules.

Program Location

Offered in Moon Township.