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Master Of Science In Human Resource Management (Fully Online)
Concentration: Human Resource Management (Fully Online)
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REQUIREMENTS 30 Credits Required
  3 credits HRMG6100 Challenges In Hr Mgmt
  3 credits HRMG6150 Recruit, Selection and Retent
  3 credits HRMG6200 Training/Devl Through Perf Mgt
  3 credits HRMG6250 Benefits Administration
  3 credits HRMG6350 Compensation Management
  3 credits HRMG6500 Employee Rights Under Law
  3 credits HRMG6550 Finance/Acct For Non Finan Mgr
  3 credits HRMG6700 Hr Measurements & Applications
  3 credits HRMG6900 Strategic Human Resource Mgt
  3 credits MBAD6073 Organizational Behavior/Theory
  2 credits MBAP5012 Accounting Interactive
  2 credits MBAP5022 Finance Interactive
  2 credits One from... MBAP5042 Quant Skills Calc Based Inter
  MBAP5052 Quant Skills Stat Based Inter
  2 credits MBAP5062 Mgmt Prin/Organiz Behavior

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