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Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration In General (Fully Online)
Concentration: General (Fully Online)
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Upon completion of the Communication Skills courses (COSK), students must complete a component of courses, (the specific number is determined by the student's academic "School") to meet one of the requirements for graduation. These courses called "Communication Skills Intensive" are integrated into the degree as part of the "major" areas on the checksheet. If you should have questions about this degree requirement, consult your academic advisor or the department head of your major.
  3 credits One from... COSO2221 Intercultural Commun Strat
  COSO1220 College Reading/Writing Strat
  3 credits And... COSO1221 Argument & Research Strategies
  3 credits And... COSO2220 Speaking Strategies
  3 credits And... COSO2230 Professional Commun Strateg
  3 credits ECON1020 Principles Of Macroeconomics
  3 credits ECON1030 Principles Of Microeconomics
  3 credits HUMA1010 Humanities: Art and Music
  3 credits INFS1020 Intro Decision Support Systems
  3 credits MATH2040 Finite Math & Applied Calculus
  3 credits PSYC1010 General Psychology
  3 credits One from... SOCI1010 Principles Of Sociology
  SOCI1020 Contemporary Amer Social Prob
  3 credits One from... HIST1100 United States History I
  HIST1105 Honors United States History I
  HIST1200 United States History II
  HIST1500 Western Civilization To 1715
  HIST1600 Western Civilization From 1715
  HIST1700 World Civilization I
  HIST1800 World Civilization II
  POLS1020 American National Government
  POLS1025 Honors American National Govt
  3 credits One from... LITO1040 Reading Lit: Coming Of Age
  LITO1050 Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad
  LITO1060 Reading Literature: Myths
  LITO2030 African American Literature
  LITO2055 World Literature
  LITO2080 Women and Literature
  3 credits One from... Any course in the Biology discipline
  Any course in the Chemistry discipline
  Any course in the Environmental Science discipline
  Any course in the Geology discipline
  Any course in the Physics discipline
  Any course in the Science discipline
  3 credits ACCT1010 Intro Financial Accounting
  3 credits ACCT2060 Managerial Accounting
  3 credits BLAW1050 Legal Environ Of Business I
  3 credits FINA3000 Principles Of Finance
  3 credits MARK3100 Principles Of Marketing
  3 credits MGMT2100 Statistical/Quantitative Analy
  3 credits MGMT3100 Management Theory and Practice
  3 credits MGMT3650 Entrepreneurship/Innovation
  3 credits MGMT4050 International Business
* 3 credits MGMT4850 Strategic Management
* 3 credits MARK3600 Advertising/Sales Promotion
* 3 credits MARK3700 Marketing Research
* 3 credits MARK3900 Consumer Behavior
* 3 credits MARK4265 Technology Topics and Issues
* 3 credits MGMT3400 Organizational Behavior
* 3 credits MGMT3600 Human Resource Management
* 3 credits MGMT3850 Bus, Govt/Corp Soc Responsib
BUSINESS ELECTIVES 12 Credits Required
Students must choos Business courses at the 3000-4000 level for this section of the program.
  3 credits One from... Any course in the BA elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the BA elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the BA elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the BA elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the GE elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the GE elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the GE elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the GE elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the GE elective

* A minimum grade of C must be earned in each course identified with an asterisk
A cumulative Q.P.A. of 2.00 or higher is required for graduation. Also, a cumulative Q.P.A. of 2.00 or higher is required for the Business Foundations Courses section of this degree program.

Internship credits can only be slotted in the Non-Business Electives section and cannot exceed twelve (12) credits.

COSK0990, MATH0900--These courses may be required but do not fulfill requirements for graduation in this degree program.

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