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Bachelor Of Science In Nursing
Concentration: Nursing - Second Degree
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Students must complete a minimum of four (12 credits) Communication Skills intensive courses after CSCM2040 has been completed. These courses are noted in the Course Schedule with a (C1-C9) section letter designation.
* 3 credits BIOL1210 Anatomy and Physiology I
* 1 credit BIOL1215 Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
  3 credits One from... CSCM2050 Intercultural Communications
  CSEN1010 Reading and Writing Strategies
  3 credits CSEN1020 Argument and Research
  3 credits CSCM1030 Public Speaking and Persuasion
  3 credits CSCM2040 Professnl Commun In Workplace
  3 credits ECON1010 Survey Of Economics
  3 credits HUMA1010 Humanities: Art and Music
* 3 credits INFS3440 Health Care Information System
  3 credits PSYC1010 General Psychology
  3 credits One from... SOCI1010 Principles Of Sociology
  SOCI1020 Contemporary Amer Social Prob
  3 credits STAT2110 Statistics
  3 credits One from... ELIT1040 Readn Literature:Coming Of Age
  ELIT1050 Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad
  ELIT1060 Reading Literature: Myths
  ELIT2030 African Amer Lit & Experience
  ELIT2040 Literature and Medicine
  ELIT2055 World Literature
  ELIT2080 Women and Literature
  3 credits One from... HIST1100 United States History I
  HIST1200 United States History II
  HIST1500 Western Civilization To 1715
  HIST1600 Western Civilization From 1715
  HIST1700 World Civilization I
  HIST1800 World Civilization II
  POLS1020 American National Government
* 3 credits BIOL1050 Conc & Controversies Nutrition
* 3 credits BIOL1220 Anatomy and Physiology II
* 1 credit BIOL1225 Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
* 3 credits BIOL2370 Microbiology
* 1 credit BIOL2380 Microbiology Laboratory
* 3 credits PSYC3550 Human Growth and Development
MAJOR 60 Credits Required
* 2 credits NURS1010 Intro To Professional Nursing
* 3 credits NURS2015 Pathophysiology
* 2.5 credits NURS2020 Nursing Assessmt/Health Promo
  .5 credits NURS2021 Nurs Assess/Hlth Promo Lab
* 2 credits NURS2115 Foundations Of Nursing Pract
  1 credit NURS2116 Foundations Lab
* 3 credits NURS2130 Pharmacology For Hlth Profess
* 3 credits NURS3020 Management Of Adult I
  2 credits NURS3021 Management Adult I Clinical
* 3 credits NURS3050 Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam
  2 credits NURS3051 Nursing Care Mothers Clinical
* 3 credits NURS3055 Nursing Care-Children/Families
  2 credits NURS3056 Nur Care Child/Family Clinical
* 3 credits NURS3060 Nursing Ethics
  2 credits NURS4013 Comm Hlth/Hlth Promt Clinical
* 3 credits NURS4014 Community Hlth/Hlth Promotion
* 3 credits NURS4020 Adv Management Of Adult II
  2 credits NURS4021 Adv Mgmt Of Adult II Clinical
* 3 credits NURS4025 Nursing Care-Psychiatric Clien
  2 credits NURS4026 Nsg Care Psychiatric Clinical
  4 credits NURS4032 Transition To Profess Nursing
  2 credits NURS4035 Nclex Licensure Prep Success
* 2 credits NURS4041 Prep For Professional Practice
* 3 credits NURS4140 Nursing Research
* 2 credits NURS4160 Nurs Care Of The Aging Adult
OPEN ELECTIVES 6 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... Any course in the OP elective
  3 credits One from... Any course in the OP elective

* A minimum grade of C must be earned in each course identified with an asterisk
A cumulative Q.P.A. of 2.00 or higher is required for graduation.

CSEN0990, MATH0900--These courses may be required but do not fulfill requirements for graduation in this degree program.

In all "NURS" (Nursing) courses, students must achieve a cumulative exam score of 80% or better on designated exams or quizzes and a "P" for clinical performance (if the course includes a clinical co-requisite) in order to pass the course. If a student earns a cumulative exam score that is < 80% and /or a "F" for clinical performance then the final course grade will be a D or F. Refer to "Course Failures, Pre-Licensure" Policy on the nursing website.

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