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RMU Research #: 16108
Title: The Drama Discovery Curriculum: Bibliotherapy and Theater Games for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Needs
Author/PI: Michele N Hipsky;   (Shellie Hipsky)
Date(s): 02/02/2006
Category: Education
Type: Published Book
Description: Proven turnkey curriculum for helping non-readers become readers. Dramatic and interactive teaching techniques for students with emotional problems. The curriculum presents an imaginative, effective, and proven reading curriculum designed to help students with emotional and behavioral problems learn and improve their reading skills. The book shows how to apply youth-oriented fictional narratives, in this case Jack Gantos' Joey Pigza Series, to develop acting exercises, drama games, and discussions to teach reading and reflecting. Drama Discovery includes objectives,activities, strategies and assessments. Find lesson plans, graphic organizers, worksheets, and adaptations for remediation. Students achieve goals through participating in oral reading, improvisational theater games, and acting exercises. Moreover, its techniques can be utilized with thousand of literary works, allowing teachers to customize the curriculum and find just the piece that appeals to students.
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