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RMU Research #: 26422
Title: Designing Hand-On Network Instruction Using Virtualization
Author/PI: Valerie J Powell;   James C Powell
Date(s): 10/13/2008 - 10/15/2008
Category: Computer Information Systems
Type: Conference Paper
Description: This paper describes an approach to teaching networks and information security that gives the learner the opportunity to capture and document individual messages (packets) in order to gain an intuitive and technical understanding of how a network functions. Collaboration is designed into the approach so that students work together in the capture and documentation process. Students manipulate the network to obtain the results they see. By these means learners conquer the abstractions of data communication and acquire the foundations of technical skills in networking and in information security. This approach, although targeted toward advanced areas of study, draws inspiration from educational concepts as basic as those of Ausubel, Montessori, Gardner, Tomei and other educators. It uses Free and Open Source Software.
Related Site: http://www.celda-conf.org/Final_Program_CELDA_2008.pdf
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